What is the big deal with humidity and why is it important?

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Air conditioning in Florida, especially in coastal counties like ours, serves two main purposes in your home. The first is obviously to heat and cool your home. The second, and probably just as important, is to dehumidify your home.

Inside your AC system, refrigerant is pushed through your coil where it becomes very cold. This cools the air that flows over it. As that air flows over your coil, condensation forms, just like it would on a cold glass of ice water. That condensation flows out your condensate line, which is the PVC pipe on the side of your system, where it is drained to green space outside your home.

At Nice Air, we make sure your system is properly sized for this very important reason. A system that is oversized for your home may cool the home very quickly, but it will not give that air enough time to circulate against those cold coils to cause the condensation necessary to remove the humidity from your home.

In addition to making the air inside feel clammy, it can also cause some serious issues with mold that thrives in a cold, damp environment. This can lead to health concerns for your family, and is why finding the proper size is so important.

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