Variable Speed Air Handlers Help Control Indoor Humidity

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The air handler is the part of your central air conditioning unit whose job it is to move cooled air throughout your home. A standard air handler operates at full capacity whenever you turn on your air conditioning. When the house arrives at the desired temperature, it cycles off, and when things start heating up again, it cycles back on — full blast. The problem with that is simply that full capacity isn’t always what’s needed, which means that it’s making your unit run less efficiently than it could. In case you haven’t already figured out the consequences of that inefficiency, you’ll see it in black and white on your next electric bill!

How a Variable Speed Air Handler Works

As you might have guessed, a variable speed air handler performs its job a bit differently. Rather than cycle on and off repeatedly throughout the day, a variable speed air handler starts off at full speed at the start of the day to get the house cool, then cuts back its speed to run continuously all day long. Because it’s operating at lower speeds, it’s saving you energy. It’s also saving energy by avoiding those electricity-gobbling starts and stops.

A Variable Speed Air Handler Controls Humidity

Because it runs longer with less output, a variable speed air handler keeps humidity levels steady which improves your home’s environment. In other words, it’s comfortable and steady, just the way you want it!

In case you’re wondering why everybody doesn’t buy an air conditioning unit with a variable speed air handler, it’s because it’s more expensive — up front, that is — by about 30%. However, it’s worth the extra initial investment because you’ll easily recoup the savings via lower electric bills every month of the season, year after year.

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