Rick, Why Do I Hear Water Dripping from My Air Conditioning System?

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Glad you heard the dripping!  Many air conditioning customers do not realize there is a problem with water in their air conditioning system until they notice water pooling on the floor or evidence of mold in the drywall of their home.

First, let us recommend turning the unit off while you investigate further.  Although the main job of an air conditioning system is to cool the air, it also removes humidity from the air, as warm air is sucked in through the intake vent and passed over the system’s cold evaporator coil.  The humidity clings to the evaporator coil and eventually forms droplets.  These droplets then fall into a sloped drain pan and exit your dwelling by way of a piece of PVC pipe which we refer to as a condensate drain line.  The drain line then empties the water into your plumbing system or into your yard.

Now, occasionally drain lines become clogged with dirt, grime, bugs, or anything else that gets in your pipe.  To check to see if your drain line is clogged, remove the intake vent and air filter from your unit.  If the inside end of your drain line is accessible at this point, you have several options.  You may be able to simply BLOW the clog free.  If you lack the lung power, you may wish to use a wet-dry vacuum and attempt to suck the debris from the drain pipe.

If you cannot unclog the pipe yourself, or if the problem does not seem to be related to your drain line, contact us for assistance.  Your unit may have a dirty evaporator coil and need a more thorough cleaning, or the drain pan may be rusted through and need replacing.  We will be happy to give your unit a routine inspection to check for more serious issues, and ensure that your air conditioning system will be able to run efficiently throughout the year.

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