Rick, Which Thermostats Do You Recommend?

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When it comes to recommending thermostats to consumers, Bradenton Air Conditioning Companies’ thoughts on the subject will undoubtedly differ based on their staff’s personal preferences. At Nice Air LLC, we like to stand behind thermostats that are designed to be used with Bryant Systems. In our experience, they are effective, efficient, reliable and affordable.

Of course selecting a thermostat requires more than just determining which brand is best. It is also important to take into account the business or home’s existing heating and cooling system. That’s because thermostats are not universal. Therefore, it’s vital to choose one that is capable of being paired with the building’s existing heating and cooling system.

It’s also a great idea to determine which programming options and special features would complement the family’s lifestyle. Take busy families that often forget to change their HVAC system’s filters for example. They may want to choose the Evolution® Control thermostat. It is capable of sending out maintenance reminders, including information on when the filter is filthy and needs replacing.

Other thermostat features that home and business owners may appreciate are as follows:

  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor and Window Condensation Protection
  • Ability to Control Fan Speed, Air Quality, Humidity Levels and
  • Ventilation
  • Round-the-Clock Backup, Dual Power and Smart Recovery Capabilities
  • Remote Access, Memory Cards and Expansion Ports
  • Temperature Presets and Auto Setting Adjustments
  • Keypad Lockout and Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Extended, Versatile Programming Periods
  • Ability to Custom Control Multiple Zones
  • Easy-to-See Buttons and LCD Screens

In addition to selecting the right thermostat for a home or business, it’s also vital to install it correctly. Otherwise, property owners could end up with continuous cycling, programming and ghost reading issues. To learn more about buying and properly installing manual or programmable thermostats, please contact our Bradenton air conditioning company at (941) 739-5000. Our factory trained technicians are available round-the-clock and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all thermostat installations and service calls.

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