Rick, I Need Bradenton Heating Repair!

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With your AC unit running full tilt and a hot sun above, you may be hard-pressed to give your heater the attention it deserves. Autumn is soon to be on the horizon, and the time is near to start thinking about getting your home heater up and running. With luck, you may merely have to follow some routine maintenance procedures, and you’ll be cozy and warm for the first chilly evening. Often times however, a simple dust-off won’t cut it, and you’ll find yourself scrambling at the last-minute to keep your family warm. Here are a few things to look out for to determine if you need Bradenton Heating Repair.

1. Constant “on/off” cycling

If your heater sounds like the monster in the closet from your childhood nightmares, it’s time to get it looked at. Incessant cycling could indicate a problem with the thermostat, which is rarely a fix-it-yourself solution. The inefficiency of this constant cycling will show itself when your monthly electric bill comes around.

2. Inconsistent heat levels

You’ve been to the basement four times in the past hour, checking and re-checking the thermostat. You hear the unit working, but it’s cold as ice upstairs. This is a common occurrence for many who have experienced failing heaters. From dislodged bolts to clogged filters, the possible problems are many. Have a professional take a look to determine the exact cause.

3. You’ve neglected routine maintenance

Maybe your bills have been pushing furnace maintenance to the wayside, or maybe overconfidence in your own mechanical abilities is the culprit. Whatever the case, neglecting to get your furnace properly inspected and serviced will lead to increased strain on the unit, and a shorter lifespan. If it’s been years since anyone has serviced your heater-its time.

Heating repair is always a necessity at many points in a heater’s lifespan. Problems can range from minor inconveniences to very serious, health-threatening issues. Whether the issue is with efficiency or operation, remember to take your heater’s maintenance seriously, and stick to a routine schedule. To learn more about Bradenton Heating Repair, contact us today.

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