Rick, I Just Had a Bradenton AC Repair Job Done, What Common Mistakes Should I Avoid?

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While air conditioners are designed for convenient use, they are anything but simple devices. An air conditioner is a complex piece of engineering that can be damaged or run inefficiently. Here are three common mistakes you should avoid so you don’t run into unnecessary Bradenton AC Repair.

Poor Thermostat Location

Convenience should never override efficient AC functioning when choosing the thermostat location. One common mistake is placing the thermostat next to or above heat sources such as electronic devices. The more power these devices use, the more waste heat they put out. Another heat source often overlooked is a window with sun exposure. This oversight is easy to make because sunlight may not have been shining through the window when the thermostat was installed and therefore wasn’t obvious at the time. A thermostat next to a heat source overworks the air conditioner.

Another mistake is placing the thermostat next to one of the AC cooling vents. The cold air from the vent gives the thermostat a false temperature reading. When the air conditioner turns on, the thermostat immediately senses the cold air flow and shuts down the system. The temperature of the house hasn’t had time to cool down and the thermostat senses this and turns the system back on. This on-off cycling wears down and damages the air conditioner.

Poor Maintenance

Unlike the previous mistake, this one is obvious to most people but their priorities leave little time or energy to do maintenance such as periodically replacing the filter, keeping the outdoor condenser unit clear of foliage and debris, and checking the condensate drain line for blockages. If you have little time or energy to keep up with the maintenance requirements of your AC unit, you can have it done for you by a Bradenton AC repair technician.

Failure to Use Ceiling Fans with the AC

This mistake is made by many people. The main reason is that they view the two cooling methods as either/or solutions. If you are using one, then you don’t use the other. Using the ceiling fan in tandem with the air conditioner is also counter intuitive. You wouldn’t expect that running both together saves electricity.

Compared to an air conditioner, a ceiling fan uses very little power. However, the chilling effect of downward air flow against the skin means that the AC unit can be set to a substantially higher setting without anyone feeling uncomfortable. This higher temperature setting more than offsets the power usage of the fan.

If you would like to learn more about common air conditioning mistakes or require repair work, contact us at Nice Air LLC.

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