Rick, How Should I Set My Air Conditioner’s Fan?

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Rick, Can you give us relatively new home owners insight into how we should set our air conditioner? Should we use the fan’s “on” mode or the “auto” mode?

That’s a great question. First let me explain a little bit about your air conditioning system.

Your air conditioner serves two main purposes. Its main purpose is, of course, to cool your home. Its second purpose is to remove moisture from the air, thus reducing humidity and making your living environment more comfortable.

Now, common sense would tell a novice home owner that “on” is the correct setting. We want our air conditioner on, right? You turn the fan on, the cool air in your home circulates, and your house is comfortable, right? Well, not really. If you want air to move continuously throughout your house, you are better off using some good ceiling fans.

As your unit cools the air, the fan forces the cool air through your ductwork into your home. But remember that second job of your system, removing humidity? As your air is cooled, moisture collects on your cold evaporator coil. If the fan continues to run when the cooling part of your system cycles off, much of the moisture that was collected on your evaporator coil will be returned back into your home’s air. Setting your system’s fan to “auto” will allow the moisture to be removed from the home and make your home a more comfortable living environment.

Additionally, the “auto” mode will save you money by reducing your electric bill.

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