Rick, my electric bill is over $350! Is my ac to blame? Will a new ac fix it?

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A too-high electric bill can be a symptom of many different problems. The solution to many of these problems, however, typically does revolve around your AC system.

Within that context, however, are many different things that could be at fault. Is your ductwork leaking? If so, you may be venting conditioned air into your attic or crawlspace. This would prevent your system from reaching the temperature you set your thermostat at, and cause the system to run all the time.

Is your ductwork undersized? If so, static pressure could build up in your ductwork system, causing a similar problem.

Another possible solution could be that your system is undersized for your house. A load calculation performed by a Nice Air specialist could determine the correct size for your home and help you determine if the system is undersized.

The good news is that there are people at Nice Air who understand these problems and how to solve them. If you would like to set up an appointment to have us check out your home, please let us know.

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