Rick, Can Vines Climbing Up My AC’s Outdoor Unit Really Be Costing Money?

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Ever casually pass by your outdoor air conditioning unit and notice that vines climbing over it have almost made it the perfect camouflage design for hiding in plain sight? Or maybe the problem is just that dirt and debris is starting to collect in the coils and wire protecting those coils?

Here’s what you need to know about air conditioning if you learn nothing else. What cooling down a house on the sultriest summer day in Florida is dependent upon above all else–with the exception of electricity–is air flow. When air flow is obstructed, efficiency decreases and your power bill increases. That’s because the air conditioner must work harder to cool the air when the flow of that air is obstructed. And how does that air flow get obstructed? You guessed it: by blocking entry into those coils on the outside unit.

Next time you saunter past that outdoor air conditioning unit and notice vines climbing up it or grass growing up around it or a piece of litter that has gotten stuck in the wire surrounding it, don’t just keep walking. Grab a water hose and remove as much of that debris as possible. Those little vines and those leaves and that stray piece of paper obstructing the flow of air into the condenser coils may seem minor, but they put a strain on the efficiency of your air conditioner that you will unquestionably notice. Either in the way your house just won’t seem to cool down in July or in the power bill you receive in August.

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