My AC Repair Bradenton FL Question: Hey Rick, My AC blows our cold air, but my house still feels humid even when my ac is running. Do I have to make expensive repairs?

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Let’s face it. Winters don’t really get too cold here in Bradenton. Our annual lows typically just drop to what many of our relatives in colder clients like to call, “jacket weather.”

Therefore, in many ways, the wisest thing to start thinking about now is keeping cool next summer; instead of paying for expensive repairs at the last minute, in the smoldering heat.

Like you, one of the things many Bradenton residents find especially uncomfortable is the humidity that goes along with the Florida heat.

Yes, your AC does help to some degree. However, Florida heat is not dry heat like you’ll find out in the Western US. The AC can’t fix all of it.

  • Sometimes the humidity can make your home more uncomfortable when you have guests over or children running around and playing.
  • It can also waste money. You feel your home is hotter, so you run your air conditioner on lower temperatures for more hours of the day.
  • Your ac might also kick on more often because the humidity makes your home hotter.
  • In addition, too much humidity inside the home can lead to problems like mold and mildew which can lead to a whole host of health problems like allergies, upper respiratory problems and serious risks to the medically frail like the sick, elderly or pregnant.

The primary role of your air conditioner is not to dehumidify. However, it will take some of the moisture out of your air. Your air conditioner pulls the air out of your home and cools it by running it over refrigerant coils. Then it recirculates that cool air throughout your home. The heat your AC unit takes out of your home is then expelled outside.

A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air by pulling air into the body of the unit. It then cools the air, heats the air and disperses the excess moisture through a drainage system. Though both types of machines will dehumidify and make the room more comfortable, relying on an air conditioner as a dehumidifier is wasteful. In a way, it removes some moisture by accident.

Therefore, if you have a serious moisture problem in your home and it’s beyond uncomfortable throughout our beautiful summer months, then you should make sure to grab a dehumidifier.

My Answer

The average annual level of humidity here in Bradenton is 80%. Many residents find that unpleasant. Many people also rely on air conditioning units alone to ease the stress when there’s a cheaper and more efficient solution. By combining your AC with dehumidifiers and using ceiling fans, (which can lower the temperature in your rooms by an additional 10% as well), you will create a very pleasant climate in your home.

  • There are portable dehumidifiers you can move from room to room. They are the cheapest solution for homes under 3000 SQ. feet. You should make sure to keep one in rooms that produce the most moisture like bathrooms and kitchens etc, to reduce the moisture before it spreads.
  • You can also install dehumidifying heat pipes to a central AC unit as well if your home is larger than 3000 square feet. When the AC pulls air into the body of the unit, it will remove the moisture. These are very effective and remove 91% of the moisture from your air, but they also create heat around the ac unit, making it work harder. Because you’re removing the moisture, 75 degrees will feel like 70, so you should turn up the AC temperature to offset the additional work your AC unit will try to do.

At Nice Air LLC, we love our beautiful Florida summers, but we know how important it is to stay comfortable indoors, and to have your oasis. Contact us today. Our AC Repair Bradenton FL technicians can take care of any HVAC needs you have!

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