Hi Rick. I have a 2 ton AC system now, but I want to upgrade to a 3 ton and cool faster. Is that ok?

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It is typically not advisable, for this reason: AC systems, especially here in Florida, serve two main purposes. The first and most obvious reason is to heat and cool your home, but the second, less well known reason is to remove humidity from your home. Ironically, in Florida, this function is just as important.

The way your system removes humidity from your home is the same way a cold glass of ice water would. Leave a glass of ice water on your kitchen table, and it will begin to “sweat” as moisture forms on the outside of the glass. Likewise, when air flows over your cold coils to be conditioned, moisture forms on the coils and is removed from the system via your condensate line, which is that PVC tube coming out of the side of your unit.

The problem with over sizing your AC system to cool your home more quickly is this: While the system will become more efficient at removing heat from your home and do so more quickly, it will become much less efficient at removing humidity, due to the decreased run time of the unit. The air will not have enough time to circulate against your coil, causing less condensation to form and less humidity to be removed. This can lead to a “cold, clammy” feeling in your home, as well as cause issues with mold and other undesirable things growing in your home and ductwork.

At Nice Air, we perform a load calculation with every job to determine the proper size unit for your individual home. Finding this “Goldilocks” zone is essential to balancing temperature control and humidity removal for optimum comfort.

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