Hi Rick, How Can My Air Conditioning Cool My Home with Less Energy?

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Sarasota air conditioning can really take a toll on your wallet during its long hot season. However, there are a number of measures you can take to reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption without sacrificing your comfort.

Insulate Your Home

A well insulated home reduces heat flow out of it during the cold months, and heat flow into it during the hot months. Because insulation works both ways, you can save on both your heating and air conditioning bills. By keeping the heat out, your air conditioner runs less frequently.

Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Check the air filter every month and clean as necessary. Dirt in the filter slows down air flow to the evaporator coil which reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Extremely dirty filters may even cause the evaporator coil to freeze which drastically reduces performance.

Keep All of Your Vents Open

People commonly close vents in unoccupied rooms with the idea that it saves on air conditioning. However, doing this means the AC system must push air through fewer open vents. Fewer open vents mean more resistance. This makes the air conditioner work harder and use more energy.

Don’t Generate Heat

Whether heat enters from the outside or from a hot stove, it’s all the same to your air conditioner. Hot stoves, clothes dryers, and other heat sources make your air conditioner do more work. Avoid cooking big meals and using big heat-producing appliances during the hottest times of the day. Try hanging the laundry outdoors. You can opt for foods requiring less cooking, or using an oven that generates less waste heat such as a microwave, or cooking outdoors.

Turn off Exhaust Fans When Not in Use

Exhaust fans such as the ones used in bathrooms remove the cool air from your home. Minimize their use.

Protect Your Windows from Direct Sunlight

Keep the blinds down on windows facing the sun. Awnings over outdoor decks that connect to your home with sliding glass doors block out significant solar heat. Keep the sunlit side of your house shaded with trees.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

It’s easy to forget turning up the thermostat whenever you leave the house. That’s why it makes sense to get a programmable thermostat to do this for you.

In addition to the above tips, an annual checkup by an AC professional ensures that your system runs efficiently. Contact us today for more information.

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