Hi Rick, Could You Set the Record Straight on Common Air Conditioning Myths?

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One contributing cause of air conditioning problems is the misinformation we often read about or hear. It leads to poor choices when buying and operating air conditioners. As a consequence of this, frequent breakdowns and excessive energy consumption occurs. Being smart about buying air conditioning and using it requires informed decisions based on facts rather than myths. Here’s the truth about three common air conditioning myths.

A Bigger Air Conditioner Cools Your Home Faster

A properly sized air conditioner installed in the right location will effectively cool your home. Unlike other mechanical things such as car engines, bigger doesn’t mean faster when it comes to how quickly your AC unit can do its job. An oversized unit repeatedly cycles on and off and does a poor job of dehumidifying the room. The constant cycling is hard on the machine’s components and consumes too much power.

High performance is about matching an air conditioner’s capacity to the size of the area it will service. Bigger air conditioners won’t guaranty better performance any more than bigger running shoes will guaranty better performance at a running marathon.

An Air Conditioner’s Job Is To Lower The Temperature

Lowering the temperature of your home is only half the job. An air conditioner also lowers the humidity. This important function is often overlooked. However, the humidity plays a large role in your comfort level. A lower humidity means that the temperature setting doesn’t have to be set as low to give you the same level of comfort. In fact, too much humidity makes lower air temperatures feel cold and clammy.

Dropping The Thermostat Setting Way Down Cools Your Home Faster

Your air conditioner cools your home at the same rate regardless of the thermostat setting. When you set the thermostat to a very low setting, the air conditioner runs for a longer time in order to reach the lower temperature. The only way you can cool your home faster is by using the low, medium, and high cooling settings, if your AC unit has them. In this case, the high setting will cool your home faster than the medium setting, and so forth.

If you would like to learn more about air conditioning facts instead of the myths, contact us at Nice Air LLC and ask your questions.

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