Hey Rick, How Can I Make My Bradenton Air Conditioning System Last Longer?

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With most home appliances, if you treat them well and maintain them, they tend to last longer. It’s no different with your Bradenton air conditioning system. If you take the time to follow some of these tips, you can be sure your central air will serve you a good long time, even here in Florida where it runs a good deal of the time.

  1. Hose it down. When leaves, mulch, dirt, and grass clippings accumulate on your outdoor unit, it has to work harder, and shortens its life span. Every once in a while, turn the power off to the system, and hose down the fins.
  2. Give it some space. Don’t plant bushes and flowers too close to the unit. If there are already some there, trim them back so they are at least 18 inches away. If they are too close, they can reduce airflow.
  3. Clean or change your filter regularly. It’s easy to do and takes just a couple of minutes. This will help your system to run more efficiently and last longer.
  4. Protect it from dogs. You know how dogs are, they love to mark their territory. But when they do it on the air conditioner, it can seriously damage it, to the point of it needing to be replaced. If you can’t stop your or your neighbor’s dog from relieving himself there, you may want to put up a little fence to keep them out.
  5. Make sure vents are open and unblocked. Sometimes things get moved around, or vents get closed when cleaning or not in use during the winter. Check all vents to make sure they are open and unobstructed.
  6. Schedule regular maintenance. Once a year, make an appointment for a qualified, professional air conditioning company to come take a look at your system. They can give it a little tune-up and check things over to make sure there isn’t anything that needs to be replaced. Sometimes little repairs can prevent a large problem and can extend the life of your system.

Homeowners cringe when they think about having to replace their air conditioning system, but the existing system can last longer if you follow these tips. For more information or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact us.

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