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Mold is an issue throughout the home, not just in basements or crawl spaces. Air-conditioners can be a safe haven for mold spores that thrive in dark and moist spaces. Central and installed models that are not used regularly invite mold to breed and proliferate. This is largely due to an interplay between outside weather conditions and inside temperatures. If you suspect that your air-conditioner may have a mold problem, you may want to consult with the best in Sarasota ac repair services.

Air conditioners don’t just cool interior temperatures. They also filter and circulate air, removing mold and moisture. A home that has been vacated or has no air conditioner, is liable to accruing more moisture in the air, leaving surfaces vulnerable to mold. Vacations are typically a time in which mold can build-up during the summertime. Occasionally mold and mildew can build up within air-conditioners, leavings homeowners confused about musty smells, and increased allergies. Three of the most common places to look for mold or mildew are:

1. The Drain Pan

When clogged drain lines get clogged, water starts to build up. Needless to say, a wet drain pan is going to encourage a rapid development of mold and mildew. Even if air conditioners are installed, check drain lines for excess moisture.

2. Ducts

Mold commonly grows in the duct system itself. Those with central air and heating should annually get their duct systems cleaned or examined. Especially those living in wet and humid environments.

3. Evaporator Coils

These coils get direct air flow, contributing to dirt build-up and risk of mildew. Air-conditioners often get build-up due to co-existing drain problems.

Mold remediation for air-conditioners should be a priority for homeowners. Reduction in allergies and better air-flow are only a couple of reasons to get ducts examined and cleaned. Nice Air LLC specializes in duct cleaning services that will leave home air mold and mildew free. For questions regarding our duct cleaning services, contact us today.

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