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Hey Rick, Can Indirect Lightning Strikes Damage My Air Conditioner?

While it stands to reason that a direct lightning strike can damage your air conditioner, what most homeowners aren’t aware of is that even indirect lightning strikes can be problematic. Don’t underestimate the effect that lightning strikes can have on the electrical system of your central air conditioning. Here are a few things you should understand about lightning and your air conditioner.

Not All Damage Is Immediately Apparent

Some homeowners fall into a false sense of security about their air conditioner if they don’t notice a problem immediately after the storm has passed. While most problems will become evident right after the unit is affected, some issues are cumulative. That means that it could take a couple of lightning storms that cause indirect surges before you actually see the problem. If you have any reason to believe that lightning strikes may have hit anywhere near your property, you should consider having your air conditioner inspected by an air conditioning repair technician to spot any potential hidden problems.

Power Surges Can Cause Thermostat Problems

Any time lightning strikes near your property and travels through a path that affects your air conditioner, the sudden surge of electricity can short out the delicate thermostat components. If you find that your air conditioner isn’t engaging when it’s supposed to or isn’t regulating the temperature in the house correctly after a storm, there’s a good chance that it suffered an indirect lightning strike. If you are certain that there’s power to the system and the thermostat is set correctly, you should talk with a repair technician about testing the circuit.

Lightning Can Affect The Compressor

Your air conditioner relies on a series of steps to actually cool the air. Once the thermostat engages the system, it activates both the fan and the air conditioning compressor. If you’re hearing the fan engage but the compressor isn’t turning on, that may mean that the compressor suffered damage from the lightning. An air conditioning repair technician will have to address this because the compressor is inside the condenser unit. Turn the air conditioner off until you can have this serviced, because running it with a malfunctioning compressor could further damage the system.

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