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Hey Rick, There are Odors in my Heating System. What Can I Do About It?

As there is a shift in season, you begin to experience odors emanating from your heating system. An unfamiliar smell coming through the drains and vents can affect your health and the air quality in your home. If it persists, call an expert to take care of these odors professionally. Here are some common odors that you may smell:

  1. Odors Caused by Animals:

If there is any living or dead animal in your ductwork, you may find strange smells caused by the animal or its waste. Small rodents and bugs are uncanny, and they breed faster than you will anticipate. Apart from the waste and odors, they can cause severe damage to your heating system. Hence, you need immediate action to remove it from your system.

  1. Musty Odors:

When you turn on the furnace after a long time, you may experience a musty odor coming from it. This may be caused due to dust and dirt that gets collected in the system when it is lying unused. It may get blown through your home affecting the overall air quality. Check the air filters and if the problem persists, call the professionals.

  1. Odors Caused by Mold:

This is a pungent smell that you can easily recognize. Mostly, the molds that grow behind the walls are hard to detect. You need to address this issue at the earliest before it causes health concerns for you and your family. We are the experts of heating repairs in Bradenton to handle such issues with care.

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