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Hey Rick, some of my AC components are frozen!

Surprisingly, the components of your AC freezing are not normal. You would think an air-conditioner should have parts that can become iced over, but this can be a sign that your AC is worn down. When checking your air-conditioner, technicians look for frozen components and you should too, especially if you think you might not be getting the best performance out of your AC. Look at the coils, if they are frozen it is a sign that you might have a hot sticky problem in the future.

What Causes Air Conditioners to Freeze?

An air conditioner can freeze up for a variety of reasons, however only two are common enough for you to take note of:

  1. There is not enough warm air and heat moving over the coils.
  2. The refrigerant in your AC isn’t doing its job of absorbing heat.

How Ice Can Make Your Home Warmer

When ice coats your AC’s indoor coils, your air-conditioner isn’t going to function optimally. It’s a bit counterintuitive as you would think that ice might make transferring cold air easier. However, when the indoor coils are frozen, they won’t do their job of transferring heat inside the air-conditioner. The cooling process in your AC system is created by heat being removed initially, and icy coils prevent the refrigerator in the AC system from moving air through and transferring the heat away from you and your family. An air-conditioner with frozen elements will probably also have other issues, so when you see frozen spots, know that maintenance is probably going to be required sooner rather than later.

Some Possible Causes of a Frozen AC Evaporator Coil

A few things can cause your evaporator coil to freeze like:

  • Broken fan motors that aren’t moving enough air through the coil
  • Dirty air filter’s blocking airflow
  • Shorten cycling; that may be caused by an air-conditioning unit being oversized and not getting enough air during each cycle

If your refrigerant levels are pretty low, this could cause your air-conditioning system to cease absorbing and releasing heat, which can lead to freezing.

If you think you might be suffering through a frozen air-conditioner and need a Bradenton AC repair service, contact the experts at Nice Air today and we can help you keep your home even cooler in the Florida heat.