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Hey Rick, What Are Some Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Before the Blistering Months?

In places like Florida, high temperatures are here to stay, especially during the summer, and nobody wants to have to deal with that oppressive heat and a broken AC. There are many causes for broken ACs; they can be the result of overuse damage to internal systems, or outdated technology.

So, How do you know if your system needs to be replaced before the heat starts rising? At Nice Air, we pride ourselves on fixing broken down air-conditioning systems that have outlived their usefulness and on knowing when an AC system needs to be serviced and why. To be safe if you see any of the following things happening consider it time to have your AC system serviced:

  • Do you have an AC system that’s over ten years old? If you have an old system, it’s probably not energy efficient and costing you 20% more on your energy bill as a result.
  • Do you have to repair your AC system board often? Having repeat, routine repairs on a particular system is a sign that your AC system is outliving its usefulness and is likely costing you money.
  • Have you noticed your energy bill steadily rising? If you notice that your energy bill is getting higher as your usage remains at a steady and normal rate, then your AC system might be to blame.
  • Is your home typically filled with dust? A dusty home can be a sign that your AC system isn’t working properly. Typically, AC systems reduce dust, so this is a sure-fire sign of a malfunction.

AC systems perform a variety of functions in your home. It’s easy to see why they can be so overwhelmed and break down. Nice Air can repair your AC system and get you prepared for the hottest stickiest days in Bradenton Florida. We offer reliable AC repair in Bradenton Florida at a fair price when you need it the most.