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Hey Rick, What Is That Sound My Furnace Is Making?

With cooler weather setting in, it’s nearing time to turn on the heat. The first few times your furnace runs through the winter will be prime time for problems to become apparent from the off-season. If you turn your furnace on and hear any unfamiliar or unusual noises, you may wonder what’s causing them. Here are some of the things you might hear and what you should know about them.

Booming or Banging Noises

There are a couple of things that can cause noises like these. Sometimes, these sounds are just because of the rapid change in temperature inside the air ducts. It can cause the metal to pop, and when the sound echoes through the ducts, it will sound like a bang or a boom.

However, if you’re hearing a banging sound like that which is paired with the odor of something burning, it may be an indication that your burner is dirty or the gas valve is malfunctioning. It’s important that you seek heating repair services in this case.

Rattling and Pinging Sounds

When the furnace shuts off at the end of a heating cycle, you may hear some rattling within the system. This is a direct result of the change in temperature as the furnace cools down. It isn’t a cause for concern. In addition to the rattling, the cooling process can also cause some light pinging in the air ducts as they cool off.

Screeching, Squealing, or Squeaking Noises

Your furnace shouldn’t squeal, squeak, or screech when it’s running. If you hear high-pitched sounds like these, that’s an indication that the blower motor or fan belt may be failing. Any time you hear something like this, you should shut the furnace off immediately and call for an emergency repair.

Whining Sounds

Any time you notice persistent whining sounds coming from the furnace, that’s usually a direct result of a problem with the bearings in the blower motor. If the bearings are worn or not properly lubricated, they will cause whining due to friction caused by metal rubbing on metal. This is another sound you should not ignore. Shut the system down and call for heating repair.

Clunking Noises

Persistent clunking noises, typically rhythmic ones, are an indication that the belt on the blower motor may be cracked or otherwise damaged. Any time the damaged part of the belt hits a pulley, it will make a deep clunking sound. You’ll need to have the belt replaced right away, otherwise you risk it breaking completely.

Now that you know what sounds to be concerned about and what sounds are typical from your furnace, you’ll know when to call for service. For more information,¬†contact us¬†today.